Don’t Rebuild Your Deck – Resurface It with Composite Decking

Time to stain and reseal your deck…again? Before you hunker down for a long weekend of scrubbing, pressure washing, staining and sealing, consider giving your deck a total overhaul by resurfacing with composite decking. This DIY project will not only give your outdoor living space an updated look, it will last for years to come.

In this article, C&C Building Supplies gives a quick rundown on why to consider resurfacing your deck and a basic how-to on installing composite decking.

Why composite decking?Composite Deck Supplies

No matter how diligent you are about maintaining your wooden deck, no amount of stain or sealant will stop the natural weathering process of hardwood. Overtime, wood exposed to sun and moisture will warp, rot, splinter and attract fungus or mildew. With the cost and labor associated with rebuilding, some homeowners may be turned away from replacing their old deck.

Composite decking offers an affordable alternative and rids homeowners of maintenance once and for all. Made of almost 100% virgin composites, it comes with a much longer shelf life than its traditional counterpart. Composite decking is easy to install, more durable, is stain-resistant, won’t fade, and comes in a wide selection of colors and styles.

8 Easy Steps To Resurface with Composite Decking

  1. Inspect the deck. Before you begin ripping up your deck boards, thoroughly inspect the substructure, or joists and framing, to ensure the deck is structurally sound.
  2. Building Permits. Most remodeling projects require a building permit –including deck resurfacing. Check with your municipality before you tackle any remodeling job.
  3. Tear down. Discard. Once you’ve obtained the permits necessary, you can begin to remove the deck boards, rails, posts and stair treads. Be especially cautious when removing nails or screws and be sure to discard of all materials in a safe and legal manner.
  4. Inspect the deck…Again! With the substructure totally exposed, you’ll have a clearer picture of the framing and joists. Take notice of the decks connection to the house and be sure hardware is compliant. Replace anything needed to further promote a sturdy and compliant structure. Be sure everything is level.
  5. Installing Deck Boards. Composite decking is easy to install and with the manufacturer instructions you’ll have your boards installed in no time. Decide how you want the boards to lay. If they’re going to lay diagonally on the joists, they should be positioned 12 inches on-center. If you prefer they are perpendicular to the joist, position them 16 inches on-center.
  6. Installing Risers and Stair Treads. The next step is installing the stair components. This simple process comes with color matched screws and plugs to hide the screws from the tread surface, giving your stairs a totally seamless look.
  7. Installing Posts, Sleeves, and Railings. Today’s composite decking comes with a huge selection of easily installable and customizable railings so you can create a unique updated look for your home. The durable, safe and low-maintenance options will give your house a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic.
  8. SIT BACK AND RELAX! You did it! In just one weekend, you upgraded your deck and added value to your home while subtracting from the annual maintenance your wooden deck required. Cleaning is easy and you’ll never have to stain or seal your deck again!

So, before you rebuild your deck, stop in ask one of our trusted C&C Building Supply experts about all of our composite decking supplies. With trusted brands like Azek, Genova and TimberTech – why go anywhere else?

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